Coalesce African American studies into your graduate education 

Graduate students from across the university already incorporate African American studies theories, topics, and methods into their coursework and theses. Our primary purpose, then, is to coalesce currently existing courses into a logical sequence that provides students with a formal graduate credential. In the process, the certificate enhances both the cultural competency and marketability of interested graduate students. As both civil and corporate work environments have begun taking a distinct interest in the diversity of people, training and ideas within their respective environments, this credential provides a means of formally acknowledging cultural and intellectual understanding that is actively sought by potential employers who are openly embracing this goal.

The African American Studies Program offers a graduate certificate as an add-on credential to either a PhD, MA or MFA. All course offerings and more detailed requirements are available in the UI General Catalog.

Graduate Certificate in African American Studies

The graduate certificate in African American Studies is an add-on credential to either a PhD, MA or MFA degree in the student’s chosen area of primary study. Potential students must be admitted to the program that corresponds with their field of specialization before they are able to apply to the African American Studies Certificate program. The program is not open to students who are non-degree seeking.

Learning Outcomes

  • understanding of basic facts, principles, key figures, and events related to African American experience in American society, plus recognize the significant contributions of African Americans in the United States and abroad.
  • critical analysis of cultural issues shaping the lives and conditions of African Americans through curriculum, community service and service learning as they confirm the value of diversity in the twenty-first century.
  • preparation for potential careers or post-baccalaureate work in African American Studies and related fields through the development of skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and research.

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