Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in African American studies requires a minimum of 120 s.h., including at least 30 s.h. of work for the major. Students must maintain a g.p.a. of at least 2.00 in all courses for the major and in all UI courses for the major. They also must complete the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences GE CLAS Core. Transfer credit is evaluated individually and is limited to a maximum of 9 s.h.

Students are required to complete following two introductory courses:

  • AFAM:1020/AMST:1030 - Introduction to African American Culture
  • AFAM:1030 - Introduction to African American Society

In addition to the two required introductory courses, all students must complete at least two courses from each of the following topical areas (minimum of 18 s.h.): Literature and Performing Arts; History, Religion, and the Diaspora; and Media, Politics, and Social Institutions. Through consultation with an African American studies advisor, additional courses may be approved for the topical areas.

Students also must take two elective courses (minimum of 6 s.h.) selected from the three topical areas listed above. With the approval of an African-American studies advisor, students may substitute relevant courses offered by other departments for one or both electives; the substituted courses may not be cross-referenced with African American studies. Students must gain the advisor's approval before enrolling in a substitute course.

Students also have the opportunity to pursue special interests and individual in-depth research to graduate with honors in the program.

The major provides valuable background for careers in a diverse society, in areas such as community work, public school teaching, religion, government, political science, and law. Some graduates go on to advanced study, many preparing for work as teachers and administrators at colleges and universities.

Listed below are the general categories of coursework required to earn the degree; for more specific information on courses, curriculum, and requirements of the Bachelor of Arts in African American studies, visit the UI General Catalog.

Degree Requirements
Title Hours
Introductory Courses 6
African American Studies Core 18
Electives 6
Total Hours 30